Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 lbs of fun

Yea, today I get rewarded with lasiks because I gained ten pounds in one week without really having eaten that much.  I asked my nurse if she was mistaken. I thought all the working out I have been doing would prevent that(ha), but they're filling me up with fluids.  The PT's love to come knock down your door to go ride a stationary bike or walk slowly on a tread mill for 20 minutes a day.  The last two times I kicked them out after repeatedly trying to wake me up right after radiation. I was glued to the bed and nothing they could say would move me. So I probably didn't gain ten pounds of muscle.  As of last night I get to enjoy IV food again. This made Zach happy. He doesn't like when I choose ice cream for my way back to heath. Now we both win! I just sent him to find me a good doughnut.  The cardiologist (the one that is fascinated with the weird sound my heart makes) told me that the EKG looked better today and just work on exercising my thumb by pushing the happy narcotic button. I will have to take prednisone for two weeks. Zach failed at finding a good doughnut so far(boo) so bagels, ice cream, and food in a bag will work for me. ;)  I wanted to thank everyone again, from the bottom of my heart, and hug you all. We had our summertime nanny Tasha start this week, freeing Zach up for work and lots of other odds and ends.  Having him around for both the girls and me gave us all strength. This has been hard on the whole family. Zach has hade to take on the mom and dad role. I am so happy that he has a flexible job and has great clients so he could give his attention to family.  Thanks to all of you that have helped him, and I heard it was an awesome party!!  Sorry I missed it.  I'll make it up in a year when we celebrate beating cancer.  It's been hard but in Sophia's words it will all be normal when mommy is back. Maybe not totally normal, but better than this. Xoxo Amanda. Ps. The lasiks isn't really a reward, but for super fast fluid/ weight loss it works like a charm;)